Tuesday, December 16, 2014

PETA Killers Must Be Stopped

By now most of you know of the recent abduction and killing of Maya, a little girl’s loved Chihuahua, by PETA. If you don’t yet know the story, you can read the initial news account here, but here’s the short version:

On a Saturday in October, a PETA van drove up to the home of Wilbur Cerate’s family, two women got out, one of them went onto the Cerate porch, grabbed their Chihuahua, Maya, shoved her in the back of the van, and drove off. Three days later, the women returned to the Cerate home with a fruit basket, and told the Cerate family that they had “euthanized” Maya.

Maya, loved family member abducted and killed by PETA

Although the Accomack County sheriff charged PETA with larceny, the county’s commonwealth attorney, Gary Agar, dropped the charges, claiming there wasn’t enough evidence for a prosecution. He seems to be ignoring the fact that there is a video showing these women from PETA entering the Cerates’s property, taking Maya, and driving away with her in the van. And in any case, isn’t the evidence or lack thereof something for a jury to decide? Agar also stated that PETA was there to collect strays. But PETA has no authority to collect strays, as that is the job of animal control, which PETA is not. And even if they were, they would have to abide by the stray hold period, which is five days in state of Virginia.

PETA has been contacted by news outlets on several occasions, and publicly asked for a comment, but as of this writing, they have remained strangely silent on the subject. Perhaps they believe if they just don’t say anything, this will eventually blow over. After all, by their own admission they kill more than 90% of animals they take in, and are known to take animals under the pretense of finding them  homes and then take them straight to their van and kill them, and they have publicly called for the killing of pit bulls and feral cats, and yet they still have a large number of people who will defend them even in the face of all this.

But this isn’t going away. Shortly after this news broke, a Facebook page was started on behalf of Maya. The page now has more than 8,000 “likes” and counting. And more people and organizations are speaking up against PETA’s actions. Foremost in the call for action against PETA is the No Kill Advocacy Center (which has long pointed out PETA’s penchant for killing animals), which has petitioned the Virginia State Veterinarian to revoke PETA’s license as an animal shelter (yes, PETA still has animal shelter status, even though they don’t actually HAVE a shelter). The Virginia Federation of Humane Societies has written a letter in support of the petition, as has the Richmond SPCA. Even Virginia State Senator Lynwood W. Lewis Jr. has written a letter requesting a review of PETA.

Here’s the bottom line: PETA can go on with its loopy publicity stunts, half-naked celebrities, and lurid videos of people doing kinky things with vegetables all they want. But they have to be put out of the animal-killing business. And with any luck, this time, PETA has dug its own grave.

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